We at the IPS-Germany follow a concept, that customises the services provided based on your specific need. You send us your medical history and documentation, or a mere summary of your health from your own perspective. These will be internally reviewed, before they are passed on to a number of hospitals and specialists listed in our portfolio.

After evaluating these documents, they will draw up examination and treatment plans tailored to your needs, which our case management then forwards to you, laying out the options you have. The Case Management department will assist you step by step, answering questions, clarifying what is yet unclear and taking on uncertainties before they occur.

Opposite to other service providers in medical tourism and international health-care services we do not display the cost for medical services in Germany on our website. Medical services in Germany are calculated based on the so called “Diagnostic-Related Groups” (DRG) for inpatient treatment and “German Medical Fee Index” (GOÄ) for outpatient treatment. The source data for these calculations are the patients individual conditions and characteristics. Thus it is not just impossible to announce a final price for the sought treatment, but also ethically questionable. This is why we categorically refrain from displaying treatment cost on our website. However you are free to reach out to us directly, so we can process your request based on your individual characteristics and acquire professionally calculated cost estimates for the treatment you are looking to receive.



Get in touch with us and describe your medical situation.

We will let you know precisely which medical documentation to acquire from your local doctor.

Do not worry, based on our precise instructions you will be able do request the right documents without having too much of a hassle.

Most of the times these will be medical reports not older than 3 month and the corresponding imaging diagnostic files (i.e. MRI, X-Ray, CT).



We will open a case-file and review your case internally.

Upon that the right specialists for your case will be sought out and we will disclose them to you.

The specialist hospitals will then study it and prepare a tailored treatment plan and cost estimate, based on the documentation provided.

Since the cost evaluated by the clinic is only a rough estimate please be aware that the final cost might be higher or lower than initially stated.



It is important to us that you understand the different options.

Our case management team will guide you through the different cost estimates and answer your questions.

Should additional clarification from the clinic be needed, we will request comprehensive explanations through them.

Based on your individual profile we help you make an informed decision on what treatment option best suites your needs.


You’re ready

You have chosen the treatment offer that best suits your wishes.

We will schedule all the necessary appointments and help you organise your trip.

Our comprehensive service catalogue that will be at your disposal. We will assist you around the clock, 7 days of the week.

You being able to fully focus on your health and well-being as an international patient is our goal. It is our privilege to ensure that.

Below you will find two of the most frequently performed check-ups. Although commonly performed in this manner, they will be tailored to your specific needs.


Check-ups are principally based on individual needs. The following describes two of the most commonly booked constellations of examination:



The Basic check-up assesses your basic state of health..

  • Primary consultation with the attending physician.
  • History-taking and analysis of the baseline situation.
  • Standard lab tests.
  • Ultrasound examination of the upper abdominal organs.
  • ECG at rest & stress ECG.
  • Extensive discussion of the test results.
  • Continuous counseling by the attending physician.
  • Detailed medical report on the check-up and its results.


The executive check-up is focused comprehensively on all major organs.

  • Primary consultation with the attending physician (first interview).
  • Resting ECG & exercise stress test.
  • Duplex sonographic examination of the arteries that feeds the brain.
  • ENT-examination (ears, nose & throat).
  • Resting spirometry (routine lung function test).
  • Ultrasound examination of the organs in the upper abdomen.
  • Blood tests.
  • Colonoscopy (invasive examination of the intestine for the prevention of colorectal cancer) without removal of polyps.
  • Discussion of test results in detail.
  • Comprehensive medical report on check-up, results & recommendations.
  • Males: Urologic examination.
  • Females: Gynecological examination, ultrasound of the pelvis, ultrasound examination of the breasts, and mammography.