For more than 30 years of work in the field of Health Care, we have been cooperating with many globally active companies and embassies. We are well aware of the fact that meticulous planning of medical examinations and follow-up – even years ahead – is a most important thing still in our fast moving and rapidly changing world.

Our corporate & global check-up program enables examinations in Germany within a year to the extent that absence from the premises can projectively be incorporated into workaday life without shortcomings. We have already been engaged in arranging annual executive health checks for a number of renown international companies to help avoid possible inconveniences.

We will be happy to assist your company, too, in organizing preventive health care for your executive staff. By delegating this planning to us as you may wish to specify, you can concentrate on your everyday demands without disruptions of business routine.

Transparency – Efficiency – Confidentiality.