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From preventive programs to rehabilitation treatment. We compile offers by reknown health care providers for you and evalaute them according to your specific needs and demands.

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Our emergency service is available 24/7!! During your stay in Germany you will always have a strong partner by your side.

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International Patient Service

Our service is based on a unique concept that comprises the perfect organization of your trip and stay over here long before you are leaving for Germany. We support you right from the start, from our first contact to your departure, and even beyond, when you’re back to your home country.
Our three pillar concept is a worldwide innovation providing you, your escorts and attendants with an unequalled comprehensive care-free package.

Efficiency, Reliability and Perfect Medical Skills

The reputation of German medicine has traditionally been held in high esteem, not only nationwide but around the world as well. 35 years ago, we set out to gather experience in the field of health care provision with particular emphasis on foreign patients coming to Germany for diagnosis and treatment – always governed by the cardinal principle of affording optimum medical care and service to our patients.

To ensure this, we closely cooperate with various hospital combines, associations and individual hospitals. Constantly in search of the best hospitals, most renowned physicians and most promising therapeutic methods, we created a network of clinics and specialized medical units serving one purpose only: Your health.

Individually tailored check-ups

The general medical check-up is helpful in the early diagnosis of wide-spread diseases to be able tocounteract these efficiently in the beginning stages already. General preventive check-ups are beneficial even when the patient is actually feeling well in him- or herself without thinking about illness at this point. Many diseases are not characterized by alerting symptoms and may proceed to an advanced stage undetected and untreated.

The general check-up consists in diligent exploration of the patient‘s history, processing his basic medical data, routine laboratory tests (clinical chemistry), and a comprehensive physical exam by the attending physician. Every check-up may be supplemented by further diagnostic work-up tailored to the patient’s needs.

In case of remarkable findings or inconsistencies revealed by this check-up, the physician may advise and order specific additional tests before suggesting treatment options.

Health Care

to the point and to target

Every patient can benefit from optimum medical care by individually tailored check-ups.

Our Check-UP Program